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STATiK's Longer Admin Application

[What is your name?]
My In-Game name is STATiK and my real name is Jay.

[Server you are applying for]
I'm applying for the PowerFPS #4 Retakes server as it's the server I play on the most.


[How old are you?]
I am 15 years old.

[Where are you from]
I am from the Netherlands and speak English & Dutch.

[How long have you been playing on PowerFPS]
I am unsure about the exact date I started playing on the server, but I think I've been playing on the server for almost a week.

[What makes you stand out from others?]
I think my application stands out because of the fact that I have a lot of playing experience for Counter-Strike, allowing me to spot cheaters by spectating them for just a few rounds.
For the most part, I've tried giving advice to people that either ask for it or look like they need it. I've not been very toxic unless they give me a unneeded and toxic response to me giving them advice. If they say they don't need it however, I will most of the time gladly accept that answer.

[Do you have any previous admin experiences?]
As of right now, I have not had previous admin experience. However, I would be thrilled to get into learning how to use it and I'm online most of the day.

For the most part, I'm annoyed by the fact that sometimes a cheater will join the server and annoy everyone, all while nobody can do anything about it.
Because I play mostly Retake, I'm free to help people out if they ask me for it. Stuff like when to spray or tap, how inaccuracy works, etc.
In conclusion, I believe I should be given a chance at becoming staff here in the PowerFPS community.

You really need to play more, a week on this probably isn't gonna do it. Otherwise, this application is fine. gl

tbh, I've played for almsot the entire day, every single day i've been on csgo. I try to keep this up but sometimes run into issues with my PC.

+ r e p

Pretty active on retake, can identify cheaters from normal users

+rep from me is more active than i am and the reason i think we should be recruiting new players is because the retake server is quite new so we cant expect people to be playing there 2 months before applying on like a 3 week server p l u s r ep

Accepted. You'll first be on trial, and then we'll decide when to promote you. Welcome

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