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Administrator Application

[What is your name?]
My name is Dom/h3y.
[Server you are applying for]
No Pre #5
[How old are you?]
I am 17 years of age.
[Where are you from]
I was born in Poland however i currently live in the United Kingdom
[How long have you been playing on PowerFPS]
I've been on PowerFPS for a good 4-5 months now and i am confident that i am a very familiar user to most of the community.
[What makes you stand out from others?]
I think i stand out as an admin because i am online everyday(almost every) as well as being powers favourite bitch Wink In addition i think i am very good at spotting strafe hacks, if im not sure however i would rather get a clip of "the suspect" for further review most likely in the discord server
[Do you have any previous admin experiences?]
Yes, i was an admin on my friends server a while back, before my break, however his server has since shut down, I also applied here for admin before but i was declined as i wasnt seen very often by admins as well as there being an overabundance of admins at the time.
[Could you be a benefit to our community/servers somehow?]
I believe i could be a great benefit to the PowerFPS community/servers due to me being very active and being familliar with the community, not to mention my A1 head-game ;D
pls 1 accept = 1 prayer
powerind owns me and all.
Jokes aside i also tend to be on during hours when no other admins are which i think is beneficial for the general community.
Thanks for your time admins Big Grin

p l u s r e p

I have decided to say yes, we are in desperate needs for admins. I think you will be a great fit in our community, but I do not want to see you use your powers to put FJ Mode all the time. Even though it is a feauture in our community, does not mean we need to use it all the time. It is a Chasemod server you know.

Good luck.
‚óŹ yt/armahns
‚óŹ petter#0666
‚óŹ /id/msler

I wouldn't say we are in "desperate needs" for admins

Of course not. Im just learning to chase so its not too much fun when everyone around me is insane but dont worry i wont fj in the middle of anyone whos chasing if thats your worries.

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