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RIOT's admin application (i edited this)

[What is your name?]
My name is Martin and i prefer to not say my last name, my ign is riot has switched alot e.g 2eign. azal, sley, sleyed, vlex,

[Server you are applying for]
Hns pre powerfps, not roofs only so you know. hns pre is what i normally play unless i play kz which im really bad at.

STEAM_1:0:455868854 there you go

[How old are you?]
I am 12 years old close to become 13 years old. i go in 6th grade at the moment soon 7th grade which will be fun i guess...

[Where are you from]
I am from kalmar which is located in sweden and will probably live here unless i want to move when i get older.

[How long have you been playing on PowerFPS]
for about 1 month and a half, i really enjoy powerfps since it got a very nice community.

[What makes you stand out from others?]
I am pretty young to be a admin plus i don't mic spam which alot of kids in my age does. i like to say hello when people joins and i could say i welcome everybody Smile

[Do you have any previous admin experiences?]
No this is my first time actually on a cs server, i have been a mc admin but that is it. i have gotten hate but thats nothing to care about plus if i get admin i will receive hate but people often hate because they are jelous.

[Could you be a benefit to our community/servers somehow?]
I think im capable of making powerfps a better community that it already is, i tell my friends about powerfps alot too so i spread the word. making someone proud makes me happy if i don't hamdle admin very well just tell me, if i do it well please tell me.

When i get older i want to code or become a proffesional esport player. I also want to visit colombia. france and spain. I like exploring other countries and what they do for a living hope you like this application Smile)

Your application is a bit too short in my opinion. You need to add more to it. I don't even need to read it to decline it, if you can add some more to it that would be great! Goodbye for now. Smile

â—Ź yt/armahns
â—Ź petter#0666
â—Ź /id/msler

ty for response

Declined. Application too short, too young in my opinion also. You can reapply in about 1-2 weeks.

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