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Admin application request.

[What is your name?]
-My name is Sayr0 ^kWs

[Server you are applying for]
-- The server I am applying for is: PowerFPS #1 | HNS PRE | 128 Tick | !knife !ws !gloves

[Steam Profile]

[How old are you?]
-I am 15 years old now.

[Where are you from]
-I am from Slovakia.

[How long have you been playing on PowerFPS]
-I think its about 4 months, i really like the PowerFps servers because they are not lagging, good comunity. I was playing on lots of others hns servers but this is best where i was playing.

[What makes you stand out from others?]
-I am trying to be good on thers players, if someone wants i can help with everythink, im not so much toxic, i prefer to be friendly.

[Do you have any previous admin experiences?]
-Yes, i was admin on CS:GO Hns server namedBig GrinevilsHNS
And also in CS:1.6 Hns server

[Could you be a benefit to our community/servers somehow?]
-I believe that i could because im playing on that server everyday and i really want to be admin because when im playing on that server i am meeting some troublemakers/rulebrakers so i can easily punish them .

I hope you accept my post and i believe im gonna be usefull admin Smile


I've known you for a while,
You are a good person.
Good luck

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